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WWT Aeration Roots Blower HLSR175

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Proper aeration and blower selection are two of the most important considerations at a waste water plant. Aeration energy consumption at waste water treatment plants typically consumes 60% of all electrical usage. Blowers can offset some of the energy requirements. To ensure the most effective results, we can help you select the proper size, type and layout of blower equipment.

Blowers create air flow (flow rate). The total blower system creates pressure (back pressure) through resistance to air flow. By combining the flow rate and back pressure, you can identify the actual operating air flow. Optimal energy use is achieved when the pressure in headers is just sufficient to overcome the static pressure.

The purpose of the blower is to create additional air flow, the purpose of blower controls is to provide the correct air flow at any time, which in turn provides enhanced aeration efficiency. Besides matching the air flow to existing demands in the most efficient manner, the blower control system also monitors and makes further adjustments, such as running the smallest number of machines and running them within their best range of efficiency.

1.Size of Discharge Bore

50(2″)、65(2.5″)、80(3.15″)、100(4″)、125(5″)、150(6″)、200(7.8″) Or in customer’s indication range

2.Differential pressure scope


3.Air capacity scope


4.Power of Diesel Engine


5.Main Material: Cast Iron,stainless steel

6.Type: Three-lobe roots blower

7. Lead Time: 7-30 days after receiving 100% payment

8. Payment Term: 100%TT (50% TT advance payment against signed contract; 50% Balance payment before delivery to loading port)

9. Packing: Standard Exported Iron Box Package


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