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Water Cooled Roots Blower HLSR200

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Products Details:

NameRoots blower
PowerMedium/High Pressure
Power sourceElectric Motor or Diesel Engine
MaterialCast iron, Stainless steel
Voltage380-450V/660V/6000V/10000V (Customization)
lubricationGear oil
Product packagingStandard wooden package (Accept customization)
Diameter Bore2-12 inches
TypeThree Lobe Roots Type
Lead time7-30 Days

In water-cooled blowers, the main casing and side plates have water jackets around them, through which water is circulated, which dissipates the heat generated and keeps the internals cool. Water-cooled blowers are recommended for applications where discharge pressures exceed 10-psi (or 7000-mm WG).

In applications where the differential pressure is in excess of 10-psig, it is both essential and recommended to dissipate the heat for efficient working and longevity of the blower bearings and seals. These blowers have a unique design of single inlet and single outlet for cooling water and no cumbersome water pipe connections externally. Internal circulation of water to various areas is achieved through in-built channels. This unique design makes the operations very simple, yet very effective. The cooling water inlet is at the bottom so that the water rises up against gravity, reaching all the corners before it comes out from the outlet. The flow rate of cooling water required are low.


●Water treatment plants for backwashing of filter/mixed beds

●Effluent treatment plants for diffused aeration and agitation of effluent

●Cement plants for blending, aeration, fluidization,conveying

●Aquaculture for maintaining the dissolved oxygen content

●Electroplating plants for oil free air agitation of electrolyte

●Chemical plants for supplying of process air

●Paper plants knife edge coating,drying, conveying, vacuum pickup

●Yarn drying vacuum/pressure drying of yarn

●Polyester chip conveying and drying for transfer of polyester chips and other similar materials

●Bag filters for reverse cleaning of filter bags

●Pneumatic conveying vacuum, pressure and combination conveying of cereals, cement, husk, granules, powders and other materials.


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