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Filter Backwash Roots Blower HLSR100

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Products Details:

NameRoots blower
PowerMedium/High Pressure
Power sourceElectric Motor or Diesel Engine
MaterialCast iron, Stainless steel
Voltage380-450V/660V/6000V/10000V (Customization)
lubricationGear oil
Product packagingStandard wooden package (Accept customization)
Diameter Bore2-12 inches
TypeThree Lobe Roots Type
Lead time7-30 Days

Filtration is the process of passing water through material to remove particulate and other impurities, including floc, from the water being treated. These impurities consist of suspended particles (fine silts and clays), biological matter (bacteria, plankton, spores, cysts or other matter) and floc. The material used in filters for public water supply is normally a bed of sand, coal, or other granular substance.

After a filter clogs (reaches maximum head loss), or break-through occurs, or a specified time period has passed, the filtration process is stopped and the filter is taken out of service for cleaning or backwashing.

Backwashing is the process of reversing the flow of water through the filter media to remove the entrapped solids. Backwashing may comprise the application of water alone, air and water separately and sequentially, or air and water simultaneously.


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