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The right processure for start and shut off roots blower

The right processure for start and shut off roots blower

1. Before starting the Roots blower, we should check the appearance of the Roots blower. Check whether the structure and accessories of the Roots blower are complete, Make sure the circuit is normal.

2.Open the vent valve to start the Roots blower

When starting, first open the vent valve, then press the button to start the Roots blower, wait for the roots blower to run stably, then close the vent valve.

3.Checking blower operation parameters

After the Roots blower is started, the various instruments and equipment of the Roots blower shall be checked to ensure that the various instruments of the Roots blower are working properly.

4. Open the vent valve to stop the Roots blower

Before shut down the roots blower, first open the vent valve to avoid directly disconnecting the power of the Roots blower.

After opening the vent valve, shut off the power supply. The Roots blower gradually  run slowly till stop .Check roots blower and circumstances to see if there any abnormal conditions.

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