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How to choose the right motor for roots blower

How to choose the right motor for roots blower

Roots blower are powered by motor, basically there are two common type for connection. One common type is by V-belt, the other type is by couplings. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.For V-belt connection, rotation speed is adjustable, Coupling type roots blower are more efficient for power transmission.

Roots blower are generally powered by motor. So motor plays a vital role.we choose motor based on the working environment and transporting medium.if the medium is clean air, generally we use 4 pole motor, while 2 pole and 6 pole motor is availabe due to working condition.

If the medium is explosive or the working condition is harzdous, we suggest use explosion-proof motor with high insulation class. A variable frequency motor is recommened if considering enery efficiency.

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